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OmniClone 10Xi
... more than 4 GB / min. copied on 10 aim hard disks Interfaces IDE, EIDE, UDMA, SATA and USB Copy mode Cleverly, Mirror (opt. Master manager, Selective Copy, NTFS Cleverly Copy and diagnosis) Database and cash code reader Remote option (control about external PC) Status announcement by traffic light actively cooled hard disks a hundred times in the industrial application
SAS and SATA hard disks supports, optionally IDE (adaptor) and SCSI (software option) up to 5.2 GB per minute automatically recognises FAT16, 32 and NTFS file systems  LCD Display, functional keys, perforated case to the better cooling Software MirrorCopy, CleverCopy, master manager, preselected partitions optionally WipeOut to DoD standard CompactFlash and USB connection for software updates
especially for SCSI hard disks  designed Copy speed up to 7 GB/MIN. Adaptor available faster 1:1 copy device
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Omniclone line Omniclone line