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Setting A New Standard
Without exception, the fastest and most technologically advanced forensic imaging solution available. Feature-packed, power-rich performance in a space-saving footprint that provides expandability to meet future technology advances. This unparalleled solution is designed for demanding forensic imaging tasks and sets a new standard of excellence in digital forensic data imaging solutions.
Fast forensic imaging at 20GB/min Image and verify from 4 source drives to 5 destinations Image to or from a network location Multi-tasking. Perform image, wipe, hash tasks concurrently Parallel imaging. Image the same source drive to multiple destinations using different imaging formats Web-based user interface. Allows remote access using a web browser New!!!!! NTFS formated drives as destination availlable supporting TrueCrypt, network push capture from a larger to 2 smaller drives logfiles as PDF availlable
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at april 2014 a SCSI modul will be availlable capture from SCSI to SCSI and other drives

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