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Powersupply 850 Watt Corsair Intel Core i7/ 2600 K 3,4 Ghz (3,8 Ghz Turbo Boost starting with 16 GB DD3 RAM CRU Data Port V (IDE) Tableau T35689iu (incl. USB 3.0) BlueRay Brenner Antec Easy Sata Veloci Reptor 300 GB für OS  500 GB HDD for data base (more possible) 500 GB temporary memory (more possible) 1 TB for data (more possible)     2x Gigabit LAN  
Case Coolermaster Cosmos 1100  Powersupply  Seasonic 650 Watt  ASUS Z9PE- D8 WS 2x XEON E52609/4x2,4 Ghz 6,4 GT/sec. 10MB 8x 16 GB DDR3 RAM/PC1600 ECC SAMSUNG      (128 GB RAM complete) Samsung DVD +/- RW SH-222BB ATI Sapphire PCIe 1024MB HD5450 1x SSD 240 GB Intel 520 Serie 3x HDD SATA 2 TB Seagate ST2000NM0011 usable for server 1x Wechselrahmen SATA 1x HDD SATA 2 TB Seagate ST2000NM0011 usable for server 1x DeLock PCI Firewire B 3x 1394B 1x Laser mouse 1x keypad Cherry Stream excluding OS 36 month guarentee (Bring In)
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