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Mac Marshal™ is an analytical forensics product to automate key aspects of the investigation of computers running the Mac OS X operating system. Mac Marshal automatically detects OS X and Windows operating systems and virtual machine images, and provides the investigator with an array of automated information-gathering and analytical tools to extract Mac-specific forensic evidence from the operating system, the hard drive, and from Mac applications including Mail, Safari, iChat, Address Book and QuickTime Player. Mac Marshal is available in two software-only versions called the Forensic Edition for Macs and the Forensic Edition for PCs for analyzing hard drive images. The Forensic Edition for Macs runs on a Mac OS X 10.4 or later platform. The Forensic Edition for PCs runs on a Microsoft Windows XP or later platform. Mac Marshal is also available in a USB 2.0 flash drive version called the Field Edition which can analyze live systems as well as images. When the Field Edition is used to analyze live systems, it can gather live state information (RAM, running processes, network connections, etc.) that would be lost when seizing the machine and imaging the disk, as well as persistent data from the hard drive. When Field Edition is used to analyze images, it runs on either a Mac OS X 10.4 or later platform or a Microsoft Windows XP or later platform.
The OnLine Digital Forensic Suite™ (OnLineDFS for short) is a software product for performing forensic-quality investigations of live computers in networked environments. We built OnLineDFS for IT security professionals, service providers and law enforcement professionals who need to conduct investigations of live computers for: •incident response; •compliance monitoring; •e-discovery; •criminal investigations. The OnLineDFS architecture does not use pre-installed agents on target systems. Thus, OnLineDFS is very simple and inexpensive to deploy, maintain and use, offering the best price/value in the industry. OnLineDFS is a feature-rich tool which enables an investigator to capture and analyze volatile data (including the memory, running processes, open ports, process/port associations, and much more), as well as the full array of persistent data required for a forensic analysis. Because OnLineDFS was designed for conducting investigations over a network, it enables the investigation of target systems which are geographically remote as well as close-at-hand.
P2P Marshal™ is a powerful computer forensics product which automatically detects, extracts and analyzes P2P evidence on computers under investigation.  P2P Marshal automatically detects a roster of the most commonly-used P2P client programs, and automatically captures and organizes vital forensic information on each client it detects.  P2P Marshal automatically provides the investigator with shared files, downloaded files, peer servers, and configuration and log information for each user on the computer being investigated.  P2P Marshal performs these tasks in a forensically valid way, and presents the results in an easily readable form on-screen and in a format that can easily be incorporated into a report. P2P Marshal is available in two versions: •Forensic Edition, a software product for the investigation of hard drive images; and •Field Edition, which comes on a USB 2.0 flash drive, and can be used to investigate live systems as well as images.  It is also readily portable from one computer to another, as the application runs from the flash drive and is not installed on the computer on which it is in use.
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