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The ProDevice ASM120 is the first automatic degausser capable of generating an electromagnetic field of 11,000 Gauss, which guarantees the safe and effective removal of data from storage media with the highest areal densities. It can be used to render data inaccessible on functional and non-functional (damaged) magnetic tape and hard disk drives. The ProDevice ASM120 is extremely easy to use. Simply insert the storage media into the drawer, close the drawer, and press the button. In less than one minute, the data is automatically and irrevocably rendered inaccessible. The ProDevice ASM120 includes state-of-the-art software tools, enabling access to historical data, units per cycle, and assessment of the generated electromagnetic field per cycle. The memory stores at least 1,000 records, and when full, the oldest one is overwritten. Unique Innovations The ProDevice ASM120 introduces the following unique innovations: •Software implemented as a diagnostic tool •Continuous assessment of electromagnetic field strength to validate service integrity •Generation of log files for reporting and auditing purposes •Multiple language support •Operating in network mode, with the ability to operate, monitor, and manage the ProDevice ASM120 from any location in the world via TCP/IP connection Supported magnetic storage media includes, but is not limited to: •Hard disk drives: 2.5 inch and 3.5-inch, with no need to remove the hard disk drive from the carrier •Data tape media: LTO1-LTO5, DLT, SDLT, DDS, DAT, AIT, Travan, MLR, SLR, QIC, 3480/3490, 3490E, 3590, 3590E, 3592, 9840, 9940, T10K, SD-3, VXA •Audio and video tape cassettes •Floppy, ZIP, and RDX disks
ProDevice ASM120
 ProDevice MMD360 Destroyer
The ProDevice MMD360 Destroyer is the perfect solution to securely deform and impair hard disk drives, solid state disk (SSD), tablet computers, and even smartphones. The unit is manually operated and therefore does not require power for operation. Simply lower the handle and the reinforced steel pin will perforate the hard drive, physically deforming the chassis, spindle, and disk platters thereby making it impossible to recover the data. The compact design and light weight make this tool the perfect solution for any need scenario.  An optional stand is available for better mobility. Dimensions: 19.3 in. (49 cm.) x 5.1 in. (13 cm.) x 26.4 in. (67 cm.) Weight: 66.1 lbs. (30 kg.) Limited Warranty: 5 years
Storage media maximum size   7.8 in. x 4.7 in. x 1.9 in. /  200 mm x 120 mm x 50 mm     Magnetic Field  11,000 Gauss (1.1 T)   Data removal cycle   30 seconds / unit   Power supply  115V, 230V / 50Hz, 60Hz   LCD display  Yes     TCP/IP interface (communication with the software tools)  Yes   Dimensions:   7.8 in. x 18.3 in. x 12.7 in. / 200mm x  465mm x  325mm   Weight  66 lbs. / 30kg
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